Our Commitment

Environment & Sustainability

Impressu holds the highest level of Sustainable Green Print Certification – Level 3. And the company has selected industry-based environmental management accreditation for the development of its sustainability credentials.

The Impressu commitment to a safe environmental footprint. Impressu uses both Direct Imaging and Computer to Plate technology across all print equipment. This has totally eliminated any need for film development and significantly reduced our use of chemicals in the production process.
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Level 3 Green Certification

Impressu holds the highest level of Sustainable Green Print Certification – Level 3.

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Environmentally Friendly

Impressu promotes the use of recycled and environmentally friendly paper.

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Eliminating Contamination

All used chemicals are securely delivered to a contracted chemical treatment plant.

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Printed in Australia

We proudly print in Australia, reducing transportation and our carbon footprint

Impressu is committed to a safe environmental footprint

Diversity & Inclusion

At Impressu Print Group, we steadfastly commit to cultivating an inclusive workplace.

We are resolved to create an environment where everyone feels supported and empowered to be their authentic selves. The diverse skills and ideas that stem from our team’s individual perspectives, shaped by a myriad of factors including life experiences, gender, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds, are the cornerstones of our innovative strength. Through our comprehensive policy, Impressu Print Group ensures every member of our team has access to equal opportunities and the resources needed to realise their full potential.

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Our vision for reconciliation is anchored in a future where all Australians acknowledge, respect, and value the rich cultures, heritages, and knowledge systems of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It is built on the premise of embracing our collective history and addressing its enduring impacts on our society.

Our pledge is to catalyse systemic change that transcends traditional boundaries, requiring shifts in perspectives and behaviours across governmental, communal, organisational, and public domains. We are devoted to facilitating this transformative journey, ensuring that our professional endeavours consistently reflect and reinforce this commitment to reconciliation and collective progress.

The Impressu Difference

35 years of impressive Printing

With 35 years of experience, we’re the experts you can trust for exceptional printing results. Our passion for the craft and dedication to staying ahead of industry trends ensures we deliver outstanding work every time.

Volume & Efficiency

Our direct mail business alone prints more than 150 million letterbox items annually.

Top 100 ASX Listed Company

Impressu is owned by a top 100 ASX listed company based in Queensland

Level 3 Green Certification

Impressu holds the highest level of Sustainable Green Print Certification – Level 3.