Discover the full potential of your print operations with Impressu’s comprehensive Print Audit service. Designed to uncover hidden opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements, our no-obligation audit offers you a detailed examination of your current print practices. Let our print optimisation specialists guide you through a process that not only assesses your investment but also aligns it with industry best practices, ensuring your print activities contribute positively to your bottom line.

Print Analysis

Delve deep into the facets of your print ecosystem. Our thorough analysis aimed at identifying cost-saving opportunities and enhancing efficiency.


Benefit from personalised recommendations that offer more cost-effective pricing and streamlined ordering processes.


Discover how automation can transform your print ordering processes, saving you time and enhancing productivity by replacing manual, time-consuming tasks.

No Cost

Experience this valuable service without any financial commitment. Our Print Audit is designed to provide you with actionable insights at no cost.

The Impressu Difference

35 years of impressive Printing

With 35 years of experience, we’re the experts you can trust for exceptional printing results. Our passion for the craft and dedication to staying ahead of industry trends ensures we deliver outstanding work every time.

Volume & Efficiency

Our direct mail business alone prints more than 150 million letterbox items annually.

Top 100 ASX Listed Company

Impressu is owned by a top 100 ASX listed company based in Queensland

Level 3 Green Certification

Impressu holds the highest level of Sustainable Green Print Certification – Level 3.